Despite so far Dragon ball Akira Toriyama, both world-renowned works, continue to improve the technical and narrative presentation of his masterpiece. Additionally, during the manga's serialization, there was only one element that he couldn't like: his style.

For many fans, the Toriyama track is very pleasant, so often Toyotaro He was praised for his resemblance to his master's style. Over the years, the Sensei has tried his hand at various companies, such as designing a car that actually exists today, in order to improve its artistic properties. On the occasion of a volume release in 2007, Dragon Ball's father took the opportunity to take one off Pebbles from a shoe with self-criticism::

"To tell the truth, since Dragon Ball became a series, I've always believed that the drawings on the blackboards were too sketchy. I had to save time and otherwise it was impossible. For the front page or for the cover of the volumes, I tried making more elaborate drawings than the ones on the blackboards. I purposely adopted the sketchy style, but in a different way than I worked with the manga. Now that I have a lot more time, I try to be much more careful and refined to draw. "

And you, instead, what do you think of Toriyama's style, do you like him? Please let us know as usual with a comment in the appropriate field below.

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