Naruto It is a historical series that is still read and seen by a large group of people today. Masashi Kishimoto produced a manga from 1999 to 2014 that is meant to stay in history and that has great ideas despite some flaws particularly affected in the last part. But there are also some things that the author would have liked to change.

After thanking western fans for helping Naruto, which surprised him, the mangaka left an opinion on the Body Multiplication Technique, known in Japanese as, in an old interview with Kobayashi Kagebunshin not a jutsu. On his debut in the first chapter of Naruto, the interviewer asked Kishimoto if it was wrong to use such a powerful technique from the start.

And Kishimoto replied, "That's right. Naruto got strong quickly. As he got better, he increased the number of clones. At that point I thought, "Now I've really exaggerated!""The problems concerned not only the logistical but also the artistic front of the fights, as Kishimoto had to draw hundreds of versions of Naruto in a time when there was no digital and therefore could not speed up the work that much.

However, this manga will remain immortal despite certain choices made, as revealed by the poll of readers who view Naruto as a life-changing series.

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