Fans of great battles love to argue which is the strongest protagonist among the various series. Imagine between those who claim Goku is invincible and those who counter that Saitama is the strongest Fight between Naruto and ten Bleach characters.

As seventh Hokage and as stronger ninja than KonohaThe defense of the Leaf Village belongs to Naruto. However, after the Hokage has to face Kaguya, he has to deal with some rather strange characters for the universe, created by Masashi Kishimoto, the protagonist of Bleach. The Soul Reapers could definitely give Naruto a hard time; We discover five characters who would be defeated by him and five others who could defeat him instead.

A character against whom Naruto it would have an easy time is Sado Yasutora. During the course of Bleach, "Chad" did not triumph many times and even after he had awakened his full strength, he was defeated by an arrancar. The Hokage would take him out in no time.

Most likely against Retsu Unohana Naruto wouldn't stand a chance. Thanks to his experience in combat and the ability to heal fatal wounds, the original Kenpachi would get Naruto into serious trouble and force him to use Hermit mode.

Before Orihime Inoue, the protagonist of the Kishimoto series shouldn't don't even seriously commit. Indeed, despite its good potential, Orihime has a bad reputation for losing most of its fights.

As does Retsu Kisuke Urahara could defeat Naruto. In Bleach, Kisuke showed above-average skills and intelligence and placed him on a level that was far above other Soul Reapers.

Renji Abarai it wouldn't be a serious threat for Naruto, who would find his tactics funny rather than dangerous. In their hypothetical clash, the Hokage would emerge victorious.
But with Ichigo Kurosaki, Naruto wouldn't stand a chance. apart from this the strongest character in Bleach and with unlimited power, Ichigo is able to completely heal from any harm. In one of their battles, the protagonist of Bleach was therefore able to concentrate exclusively on the offensive phase.

Jinta and Ururu would even be destroyed in pairs just by the copies of Naruto. A clear defeat for the Bleach duo. But with Kenpachi Zaraki the situation would be different. Kenpachi has even better potential than Ichigo and Naruto would succumb in a confrontation.

Another Bleach protagonist who would have no hope against Naruto is Kugo Ginjo, who was even defeated by an Ichigo who had just regained his powers from Soul Reaper. The final battle between Naruto and the Bleach characters is that with Aizen Sousuke. Aizen is able and most likely to change the minds of his rivals Naruto would be subjugated by him.

And what do you think of these particular clashes? let us know, but first check out this heartwarming tribute to one of Naruto's protagonists. Fans of the Kishimoto franchise will surely appreciate this cosplay of one of Naruto's female characters.

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