Currently busy with the vision of the fifth season of the anime and reading the new chapters of the manga, the community of My hero academia looks forward to the arrival of the third film, which will debut in Japan this summer. The new movie, which promises to be the most iconic in the franchise, will introduce a new character.

This new movie will focus on Three Musketeers from Yuei High Schoolnamely Midoriya, Bakugo and Shoto, who will be involved in an international mission. In addition, My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission will feature an entirely new character, Rody Soul, voiced by voice actor Ryo Yoshizawa, who is already known for voicing in Gintama and Kingdom. But who is this mysterious boy and what role will he play in the film?

""Rody is a boy who lives in a mobile home in Oseon, the country where Deku, Bakugo and Shoto arrive. To bring food for her younger siblings, Soul gave up her dream and started working. However, a certain incident forced him to team up with Deku and the others. He is very wary of heroes due to the conditions in which he is known. He seems like a frivolous person, but he keeps his true nature a secret".

As you can see in the tweet at the end of the article, this new character is wearing worn clothes and sewn together too well and better to indicate its economic status. He wears a headscarf and sunglasses on his head, while his hands are covered with a pair of gloves.

At the moment it is not known what the Rody's Quirk, but it is already clear that it will be fundamental to the development of the film. The trio of budding heroes must join him to take on a group of terrorists who want to end the world of uniqueness.

What do you expect from this debut? In the meantime, here is the HD design of the new costumes from My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission.

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