Chapter 72 of Dragon Ball SuperAs already expected in the last few days by leaks and drafts of the first pages, the arrival of the two Saiyajins protagonists on the planet Cereal begins after eighteen days of travel with the training of the luxurious spacecraft of Macki and Oil, two members of the dangerous group of Heeters.

Almost immediately after landing on the surface of Grain, Goku and Vegeta You are attacked by extremely precise and difficult to avoid energy waves. A few moments later, Granolah reveals himself in front of the two protagonists, who however decide to individually face the one who describes himself as the most powerful warrior in the universe.

Goku is able to instantly understand the magnitude of the threat the survivor poses to it Decides to unleash the Super Saiyan God. Both thanks to the high-tech device and probably thanks to its sophisticated perception Granolah realizes that the Saiyan is hiding his true poweronly to get confirmation just before Goku transforms into Super Saiyan Blue.

However, the words Granolah used could eventually refer to Goku's next transformation He and Vegeta trained with Whis and Beerus for monthsNext on the ship that brought them to Cereal. In fact, Goku even managed to use Ultra Instinct while being transformed into Super Saiyan Blue, which seems to make the divine technique more precise and accurate. That the challenge launched by Granolah is only one way anticipate the next level of the protagonist? The word is yours. Let us know what you think of a new transformation from Goku in the comments section.

Recall that Vegeta achieved the perfect Ultra Instinct in one illustration, and we'll leave you the details regarding the combination of Super Saiyan and Ultra Instinct.

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