A few weeks ago, Kentaro Miura left us, the mangaka that was on our mind for many years Berserk. The announcement of the sensei's death was only made in the last few hours by Hakusensha in order to enable a private ceremony for the relatives.

A bolt from the blue, an announcement that brought about the loss of one of the most important mangaka in the history of the Japanese comic book industry. Berserk was his workhorse and in which Kentaro Miura has put a lot of itself and concentrates on the maximum of its capabilities in order to realize even the smallest details.

Unfortunately, it was someone who took him away on May 6, 2021 Aortic dissection, a rare vascular disease with high mortality. It is virtually impossible to survive without emergency surgery, and even in these cases the death rate is high. It occurs when in the aorta, which is made up of multiple layers, there is a lesion in the innermost layer, hence the one that comes in contact with blood and has very high arterial pressure. This injury allows blood to flow between the wall layers and separates due to pressure. The signs of an aortic dissection are sudden, very severe chest pain, which then extends to the abdomen, causing inability to speak and fainting.

Even if he has left us, the memory of Kentaro Miura will remain with all the positive things he has left us.

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