The completion of theAttack of the giants hit the entire manga industry and was one of the most original, delicate and important works of the last decade. As it could be predicted, many fans of Isayama's work were not satisfied with the ending, and rumors of a possible sequel have surfaced online.

The Immediately after Chapter 139 was published, numerous criticisms were receivedIsayama has promised to add additional pages to Volume 34, spoilers of which have already been leaked online. However, based on the details of these new tables, the possibility of continuation seems to have opened up as over the years. The tree in which Eren was buried continues to growto form some sort of base entrance that a boy found in the future.

There are no official announcements, but Isayama has chosen to do so Make the ending even more open than the original ideaand certainly provides a foundation for the rest of the story. What do you think of that? Would you like a sequel to the Attack on Titan set in a more modern era? Or do you prefer the conclusion published in April? As usual, please let us know in the comments section.

We remind you that a romantic spin-off based on the Eren and Mikasa relationship will arrive in June and leave the full HD leaks of the unpublished tables.

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