Always 10 years old, trainer Ash Ketchum is now the emblem of the Pokémon anime. No matter how much he travels and how many Pokémon he catches, time never goes by for him. But for us, yes, and in fact they went further 20 years since its Pokémon debut. His journey began in Biancavilla, originally known as Pallet.

Ash Ketchum appeared late to Professor Oak and found Pokéballs with Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur from the other trainers that had already been taken. However, the young protagonist of Pokémon was forced to take an indomitable Pikachu, with whom a solid friendship will emerge that continues to this day. But what was that after Pikachu? first Pokémon Ash caught in the anime?

After rescuing Pikachu and meeting Team Rocket, in the third installment of the original Pokémon series, titled "The First Pokémon Captured," we see Ash fight a small creature. In the forest the naive and still inexperienced trainer He threw his Poké Ball at a Caterpiewho gave in and was captured.

The beetle was Ash's first captured Pokémon, and it was At the same time, the first Pokémon also evolves. In fact, it evolved into Metapod in the same episode after it was used to capture a pidgeotto. A few episodes later, this metapod evolved back into a Butterfree, which was later freed by Ash, as were other creatures over the course of the long anime.

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