After several years of regular serialization, interrupted by only a few breaks, black clover At the end of the final arc, he paused for a few months to give author Yuki Tabata breathing space and properly prepare the new, highly anticipated saga. But when is Chapter 332 coming out?

Originally, the Sensei had planned to continue Black Clover's storyline after ONE PIECE, a plan he had to scrap after coming to terms with the frenetic rhythms of the weekly sequels. tabata With that, the manga has heralded the beginning of the final saga upon its return from a three-month hiatus, the time it takes to complete preparations for the final story arc.

However, the author hadn't given a release date of Chapter 332, let alone Shueisha over the weeks, a silence broken by it though Viz Media Blackthe publisher's service dealing with Weekly Shonen Jump would have fixed that The filming date for Black Clover is July 31st with issue 35 of the magazine. So only two weeks separate the fans from the return of Asta and the Black Bulls. Of course, it could also be an accident, so we recommend you to wait for the official press release from the publishing giant in any case.

And you, what do you expect from the latest manga saga instead? As always, please let us know with a comment below.

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