The manga from My hero academy, which began in the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in 2014, is nearing its end. Kohei Horikoshi's work has been an incredible success, and even the anime is no less: the episode My Hero Academia 6x03 will indeed be released this Saturday thanks to Studio BONES.

In the last published chapter, My Hero Academia 369, Deku has unleashed his rage: the boy has come to support his companions involved in the clash Shigaraki Tomura. So Midoriya shows off her One for All in full force and makes the most of her 6 Quirks to defeat the fearsome villain controlled by All for one.

Bakugo has already failed in a duel with Shigaraki, but Deku is not intimidated: This is how he loads the Detroit Smash stronger than ever on his opponent, pierces his stomach. The chapter thus closes with a focus on Spinner, a lizard villain, in his new form. At this point a question arises: How will My Hero Academia develop?

The fight seems to be leaning favorably on the heroes' side, with a Deku handling this One for all Great. It's true that the villains are still fighting, including the terrifying All for One, and they'll surely sell their lives dearly, also reassured by weirdos in his new form.

Anyway, the ending seems pretty obvious, but we still have to see how to get there. As repeated several times by the narrator of the work, that of Midoriya of the future: "This is the story of how I became the strongest of heroes". We'll likely be able to witness a final time warp in which we're shown a future where Deku is the number 1 hero overall, followed by Bakugo and Todoroki. It would be too perfect an ending, so we don't want to completely rule out the possible deaths of some of the work's protagonists.

That's how it is with us the most likely ending of My Hero Academia. And you, what do you think? How will Kohei Horikoshi's work end?

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