Create a fusion between two characters like Akira Toriyama did Dragon Ball Z, is a particularly complex challenge as it also requires setting up a system that can measure the new force. The author created one at the time the manga was published, this is it.

The never-ending diatribe between Gogeta and Vegetto has aroused no little curiosity in the community, a response that Toriyama claims actually sees them as equals. Within the seventh number of Daizenshuuthe author clarified the series entirely devoted to the anime and manga of Dragon Ball how the Potara Fusion works.

All of this, of course, relates to Vegeta, the fusion between Goku and Vegeta thanks to the two earrings Kaioshin provided to them. In particular, the strength of the new character is not derived from a sum between the stats of the two Saiyans, but by multiplication. This means that Vegetto's power for the base form is nothing more than Goku's multiplied by Vegeta's, a simple mathematical expression that unfortunately cannot be assigned an exact numerical value.

And instead, what do you think of the tool Toriyama used to determine the true strength of the Potara fusion between the two protagonists? As usual, please let us know with a comment below.

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