Unfortunately, we know all the current situation relating to COVID-19, a condition that has forced billions of people to remain closed at home for whole months in an attempt to decrease the infections for what is in all respects a pandemic now rampant in every corner of the world.

After weeks of weeks spent in quarantine, the situation is now slowly returning to "normal", although there are still many risks of future relapses with new outbreaks, situation that led many to slow down the reopening phases. At the same time, however, there is no doubt that the situation is equally critical for the entire industry, with each sector having somehow been affected by the situation that has arisen.

Obviously the anime and manga market has also suffered from the pandemic and in recent months we have seen countless canceled fairs and postponed (animated or paper) products. This time, however, it was the anime series DanMachi - Is It Wrong to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon ?, whose third season has finally been irreparably postponed. The staff at work on the production has in fact announced that, given the working difficulties of the last few months, it would have been impossible to respect the exit originally set for July 2020. In the end, it was therefore decided to postpone the release, now set at October, although the team has made it known that there may be further delays.

Before saying goodbye, we remind you that a splendid DanMachi-themed cosplay specifically dedicated to Hestia has made a lot of talk recently.

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