As the comic series by author Ta-Nehlsi Coates comes to an end, Marvel Comics has already announced that it will direct the next work by Black Panther It will be John Ridley and Juann Cabal. Black Panther is therefore facing a new life and the changes to the hero begin with a new logo.

John Ridley's new Black Panteher series is set to revolutionize Wakanda, starting with the Marvel hero logo. It will be from yellow COLOUR and will present a clearly rounded and marked font.

The previous logo was purple in color, was slimmer, more angular and had shimmering effects in the letters. That last feature made perfect sense of the plot's more cosmic slant, but the next story will have more tones based on that Thriller and espionage. The change therefore delimits the differences between the two plants.

In addition to presenting the logo, the New York Times said Ridley was thrilled to be responsible for it new project. ""It's a hybrid spy and superhero thriller, but at its core it's a love story. And I don't mean just romantic love, although there is a little bit of it. I'm talking about love between friends ".

"We come from a time when we saw people with color fighting for their rights and it was really important for me to use words like love, caring, hope, regret and all those core emotions that everyone has to be able to. ""

Black Panther # 1 will arrive in US comics month August. In the meantime, let's check out the last three yearbooks of the Marvel Infinite Destinies event.

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