This morning the community was shocked by sad news: Kentaro Miura, author of Berserkas well as one of the most famous mangaka in all of Japan. After this bad news, the network immediately mobilized to bring its gifts. Here are some of the most famous faces.

A real Manga legend he died. Kentaro Miura was born in 1966 and died on May 6, 2021 after an aortic dissection. The news was leaked today only to maintain respect for the Miura family who have been able to hold private funerals this way and experience this immense pain outside of public opinion.

Kentaro Miura was not only one of the best mangaka of all time, but he also influenced and contributed to other media such as video games such as Dark Souls or Monster Hunter. At the news of his death there were many Tributes and freebies of fans. But not only that, some prominent personalities also wanted to say goodbye to the master for the last time.

For example, the author Dave Rapoza wrote a moving message Dedicated to Miura. "Rest in peace, Kentaro Miura. I dug deep into Berserk after my first child was born. While he slept and my wife was at work, I read manga. I love the world Kentaro made, he has an incredible legacy left shoulders and had a strong influence on the culture ".

Adam Deats too, Castlevania assistant directorhe wanted to express his condolences. ""Kentaro Miura died. I can't express how important Berserk was to us as an inspiration for Castlevania. A quarter of our team was inspired by it. It defined what Fantasy Dark was to us. I am destroyed. RIP, Miura ".

Even the software house KOEI TECMO, who produced the Berserker video game, hailed the mangaka. "We have received news of the death of Kentaro Miura, the author of Berserk. Our deepest condolences and prayers for this tragic loss. Hisashi Koinuma, producer of Berserk and the Band of the Hawk."

Finally, Sensei Morikawa's farewell to Berserk's father. Let's analyze all the possibilities for Berserk's future.

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