This review of Soredemo Ayumu wa Yosetekuru contains spoilers. If you haven't seen the chapter yet, we encourage you to do so and then come back to read the review.

chapter summary

The school trip began, Urushi and her friends are in Nara, visiting temples and sleeping together, at the same time they share their somewhat unknown life, for example, one of them has a partner and they bother Urushi with Tanaka, only she refuses every taste of him. As the lower grades continue their classes, Ayumu takes advice from Rin to improve Shogitalk late into the night. For his part, Urushi checks his phone to be able to see a message from his "friend", Maki notices her melancholy and plays a game with her that calms her down and for which she will later find the courage to send him a message and come to an agreement on a "date". phone, so they force Urushi to use one Yukata. The time comes and the call...

chapter opinion

A tender chapter where Urushi progressed a bit in his feelings towards Ayumu. It's obvious that they both like each other, although it bothered me a bit that Urushi stopped denying his feelings, it's understandable given his way of being, but at the same time it tells me "accept it already!". It seems to me that the chapter has focused on this distance that Urushi wants to eliminate and that Ayumu maintains in a way, both for related reasons, the small one because he misses him, and that Kohai because he doesn't want to disturb you. And like I said if Maki had been more involved the relationship would have progressed faster so thanks for developing it. We'll see the final result next week, so leaving it in the possible call (which will most likely happen) seems like a good cut to me.

travel and education

Throughout the chapter we find ourselves in two rooms, Urushi's Journey and Ayumu's Environment. Trencitas-chan, I think, was expected to miss him, the melancholy, and then someone would step in (one of her friends or Ayumu herself) to get her out of there and enjoy the journey better. As for her play with Maki, I was hoping that she would talk to Ayumu and he would tell her what pieces to move since she was on her phone all the time. It was not like that; It would have been nice, yes.

With Ayumu it happens that he approaches Rin, realizes that she likes him (and if not, then at least the appreciation is too great), in other words: to spend so much time talking to someone, you have to love him too much. This approach isn't a problem since the protagonist is categorically in love with urushi, but some suspense would have been nice. What yes or yes I hope is that he wins the game and can explain himself so Takeru's swoon would have been worth it.

Sometimes we just have to "make the effort"

Putting myself in Ayumu's situation, because at one point I was him, it's understandable to assume that when the person we love is with their friends or on a trip, they're having a good time and every message from us will be a disruption from its special moments, even it can be assumed to bother us when we call or text, and even in moderately extreme cases, a kind of selfishness can go through the mind. I don't think Ayumu thought of the latter, but the result is the same, he didn't want to disturb his beloved Urushi. But even when traveling, the person we like sometimes wants to be interrupted and be able to talk to you as long as there is interest.

It is difficult to take the first step, Ayumu didn't take it because she is someone with strong conventions, because she stayed in her situation, Urushi is the one who implied with a message "I want to hear from you, do yourself no bother ", that's too cute. Except sometimes even if we know it or they tell us, it's still difficult to take the initiative and stop thinking we're annoying.

There's already a chapter missing and according to the images on the website, Takeru and Sakuraku are back in the spotlight and the downcast faces indicate some tension. Ayumu explain yourself!

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