All For One is one of the most heinous villains to ever come out. Nana Shimura is well aware of this who, despite abandoning loved ones for her safety, saw her grandson transformed into a war machine in the service of the symbol of fear. In the latest chapters of My Hero Academyit's Bakugo who gets on the villain's nerves.

All For One is an antagonist with a thousand solutions, cold and seedy, who really knows how to take down his victims if he wants to. We have seen this throughout history focus his efforts on the heirs of One For Allbut this time it's not Deku who's teasing him, it's Katsuki Bakugo.

That The relationship between the two has distant originswhen, after admiring his aggressiveness at the UA All For One Sports Festival, he attempted to recruit Bakugo into the Union of Villains through Shigaraki.

New contacts between the two emerged during the clash between Deku and Shigaraki that took place during the first war. All For One already shared his conscience with Tomura and when Bakugo did special hit to save friend this gesture of his provoked the dissatisfaction of the enemy.

Finally, the tenacity and audacity they displayed during their last fight couldn't help but remind All For One of the much-hated second holdover of One For All. Katsuki caused some resentment in All For One, so much so that he literally explodes with rage. Bakugo was only supposed to be a pawn in My Hero Academia's enemy's play, but his persistence has changed his role and made him a prime target. How will All For One react when the young hero from My Hero Academia returns to battle?

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