The anime and manga industry has been active since the distant 1940s. Over time, more and more Japanese authors have attempted the creation of these works, creating an infinite number of characters. Most are normal people, however who is the strongest anime character ever created??

When we talk about people there is always the age-old question between Saitama and Goku, with the historical protagonist of Dragon ball is that of One hit man who will never face each other and yet are always at the center of the fans’ arguments. However, the two could easily die under the blows of Light Yagami, who has a deadly weapon in his possession. In the human sphere, these are certainly the characters who, together, could fight most for victory Rimuru Tempest of Vita da Slimewho is able to copy the powers and abilities of everyone she meets, making her extremely terrifying. But also a character like Enrico Pucci from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure could enter the competition, given the power of his class.

But the characters are also divine, and always staying in the context of Dragon Ball, we explore the world of the Midquel Dragon Ball Super, to quote Zeno, the creator of Akira Toriyama’s multiverse and who can make it disappear with a simple snap of his fingers. Neither the other deities of Dragon Ball nor those of many other mangas, such as the King of Shinigami from Death Note, could face him. But there could be an opponent, and certainly not one of the most famous: Madoka Kaname by Puella Magi Madoka Magica, a goddess who can influence and change reality.

There will never be a definitive answer as each character lives in their own universe and with their own rules. However, there is always curiosity to know how it would end in a collision between two of these characters.

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