Just like the top executives at WebtoonThe company's new division, Webtoon Studios, created a few months ago, has already started working on the first television projects related to the titles of the portal's huge park.

In recent years the The Webtoon catalog has been enriched with numerous titles, some of which we even recommended to you in a fantasy special. Last October, the company's executives promised new TV series after Tower of God and The God of High Scholl. Since then, however, no news has emerged in this regard. At least until today.

Through a statement posted on social media, Webtoon confirmed that some titles from the catalog will soon be converted into films, TV series and animated series. The works in question are:

  • Omniscient reader sing of N song;
  • Yumi's cell from Donggeon Lee;
  • Nano list from Songah Min;
  • Your letter by Hyeon A Cho;
  • The remarried empress from Alphatart;

Some of these titles are among the most popular and highly rated on the entire portal. This is a symptom that the company intends to make great efforts this year 2021. We don't know which of these works will get the animated version, but we'll keep you updated while we wait for more news. As for you, what do you think of these announcements instead? Let us know with a comment below.

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