In late December, Shueisha creates a Mega Gathering during Jump Festa. This manifestation of the publishing house collects the most famous titles born on the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump, Jump SQ, V-Jump, Young Jump and other thick magazines. Of course, he will also be there at the Jump Festa in December ONE PIECEthe manga of records.

The work of Eiichirล Oda cannot be missed at this event and will certainly get some exposure. Meanwhile, the mangaka is already preparing, as traditionally a drawing has to be made. That Shikishi are then all hung on a giant wall, side by side. Although the event is still more than a month away, Oda has already finished his illustration.

Reporting is Scotch Informer, always well-informed about the events surrounding ONE PIECE, both inside and outside of the manga. The following post is divided into two tweets: the first is a very opaque shot of the image on display, while the second shows the image posted above with a huge SAMPLE.

Jump Festa 2023 also has its own Luffy, always smiling and with the inevitable straw hat on his head. What will be revealed during the event for ONE PIECE? Instead, it is already known that a Jujutsu Kaisen voice actor will be missing.

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