The War of Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War has begun, a highly anticipated anime that will end the story of Bleach in a few years bleaching. The first episode was extremely introductory: despite its speed of adaptation, it made it possible to bring Ichigo and the others back into the limelight to re-introduce them to the public.

With Bleach: The Thousand Year War 1x02, however, things are starting to get serious. Starting with the anime's theme songs, which will accompany viewers for this first viewer installment. The opening and ending of Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War are available below with their videos.

The opening theme is "Scar" by Tatsuya Kitani, with dynamic music that accompanies the phases of the video well. In fact, the direction that was initially somewhat static to show Ichigo and the other protagonists quickly turns into a more action-packed phase with the various battles between Seireitei's shinigami and Vandenrreich's Quincy enemies. There is also some room for other mysterious characters that will be introduced later.

The end, on the other hand, is "Extreme" by Senna Rin, which prepares a correspondingly powerful song, especially in the middle phase, but which accompanies a much quieter video, consisting of moving images with the various Zanpakuto, which ends with a close-up on Zangetsu by Ichigo Kurosaki.

You liked the style used for the two theme songs from Bleach: The Millennial War?

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