What remains of the fight with the villains is more despair. There was no stopping Tomura Shigaraki, on the contrary, All for One took control of him and, thanks to him, caused even more excitement in the club My Hero Academywith the liberation of the villains from Tartarus and other prisons in the land.

Meanwhile, in the hospital, the heroes lick their wounds, each with their own dramas and traumas. There was certainly plenty of room for Endeavor and his family to find ways to deal with Dabi's flaming rage, but so did they Protagonist of My Hero Academia had a lot to think about. Meeting in the remains of One for All gave Deku a completely different perspective on the future, and for this he decided to behave differently than before.

And that leads to the birth of the Dark Hero arc, the new saga of My Hero Academia, ready to debut in Season 6 episode February 11, 2023. Deku will walk away from everyone, and this video says it well. The Dark Deku Arc Trailer available below, it all starts with a letter given to classmates. Uraraka reads it alone while the others are in a group in the Yuei room. Everyone understands something about their classmate who decided to leave them.

Deku, on the other hand, is alone in a strange city with his worn-out hero suit. This is how the dark hero saga of My Hero Academia 6 begins. Will Midoriya be able to hold her own against the villains? alone?

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