The current hero number two of My hero academiaHawks is one of the most intriguing, intelligent, and calculating characters in the entire franchise. But as Dabi has revealed, he's hiding a dark secret that could end his career as a pro hero.

In a public broadcast across Japan, Dabi reveals her true identity to the world. But after ruining Endeavor's reputation, that's not enough for him. The villain is also dragging Hakws, hero number 2, from the podium. is represented as a real monster, a ruthless killer who eliminated a man who was just trying to help his friends.

Although the real identities of the best heroes of My Hero Academia are in the public domain, that of Hawks is kept top secret by the Hero Public Safety Commission. However, Dabi somehow learned of Hawks' real name and some of his own Information is considered top secret.

Not only does Dabi reveal his full name, Keigo Takami, but he also claims that Hawks Best killed Jeanist and that the killing instinct runs in his veins. Indeed, Hawks' father He was a robber and a murdererin other words, a bad guy. It was Endeavor who captured the man; Perhaps that is why Hawks has a strong admiration for the inflamed hero. But now their careers seem to be broken. How did Dabi get this information? A theory about Endeavor baffles fans of My Hero Academia. Dabi is like a king in an epic illustration from My Hero Academia.

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