Katsuki Bakugo's immense respect for All Might is evident in every episode of My hero academiaand although the career of the former number one hero is now over, the feelings are certainly not gone. Especially the aspiring hero He often wears a nice black t-shirt dedicated to his idoland now you can too.

As you can see below Shueisha and Horikoshi have agreed to sell the "AJI FRY" T-shirt Much appreciated by Japanese fans and certainly less known to Western audiences due to its hidden symbolism. The aji fry is indeed a Japanese dish known in Italy as a fried horse mackerel, a skewer of fish where the tail is left intact and held as if it were some sort of stick.

Bakugo's t-shirt shows the fish upside down, however The figure is similarly similar to the symbol of all powerThe hero's two blonde tufts replace the fish's tail. It is a beautiful word and picture game designed by Horikoshi and repeated in the series as part of the Counterfeit Merchandise of the Peace Symbol.

As of today, however, the t-shirt can be bought in Japan for 2,500 yen, which is around 20 euros. It's pretty unaffordable to travel that long right now. Fortunately, several western locations have already re-suggested the same item at a more than affordable price.

What do you think about it? You like it? Let us know with a comment! Before we say goodbye, let's leave you with the final details on the production of My Hero Academia 5, the new season of the anime, due out in the spring of 2021.

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