Although one of the My Hero Academia key pointsKohei Horikoshi always hesitated to provide more detailed information on One For All. In the new story arc, the power of justice is seriously jeopardized. Let's find out why.

Bakugo suffered very deep wounds during the clash with Tomura Shigaraki. His condition is very serious and it seems that My Hero Academia will lose one of its protagonists. In Chapter 286 of My Hero Academia, Deku is furious at the fate of his friend and pours his full potential against the leader of the villains. But at this point Midoriya is captured by the enemy.

Deku is brought to Shigaraki's subconscious, where he meets All For One, the real architect of this bloody battle, immobilized. "I finally got you. One for all is mine."says the antagonist. However, Midoriya is protected by All Might teacher Nana Shimura. The fate of the greatest power of all lies in the fate of this clash: whoever triumphs between Deku and Shigaraki will be its true owner. All For One will manage to realize its insane plan finally get hold of One For All? The forces of good and evil are experiencing a decisive battle, the outcome of which will forever change the future of this universe.

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