Deku was never able to use 100% of the one for all except through self-destruction. His body may not be finished yet, but over time in My Hero Academia, these are More and more synergy occurred with the power of character that All Might has passed on to him.

However, Midoriya couldn't hold back on the final narrative arc of My Hero Academia, particularly the ongoing battle against Tomura Shigaraki. Shot by shot, He had to use 100% of his strength in the arms, considering that the enemy is too strong and one cannot hold back. But as Bakugo also understood, the protagonist couldn't last long.

The fact is, after All for One's classmate was hurt, Midoriya gets angry in ways we've never seen before. His anger flows through his body and seems to trigger a one for all response: Deku's eyes blink as a black aura seems to flow from his body. The strength achieved is so high that the cables approved by All for One are torn with incredible ease by the force of tugs and bites.

However, that's not enough to stop All for One's desire to get their hands on his brother's power. In fact, the supervillain ends up entering the room of One for All; Will the final battle be played there?

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