My Hero Academia: The bad guys are reunited.  Are the heroes in great danger?

The current story arc of My hero academia gave fans some unforgettable moments: from the death of several protagonists to sensational revelations. But the clash between Deku and Shigaraki is not over yet. Who will emerge victorious from this battle of Aruda?

Kohei Horikoshi's manga doesn't stop surprising fans after the big reveal by Dabi who said he wanted to destroy the hero society of My Hero Academia. When the battle between heroes and villains seemed to be over, a new event took place shuffled the cards on the table.

While attention was on Dabi, Tomura was Shigaraki reunited with Gigantomachia, a massive antagonist whose goal is to save the life of the current owner of All For One. With a new ally at his side, the leader of the Villains' Union appears ready to leave the battlefield intact so he can devise a new strategy and attack society of heroes again.

During the war, Shigaraki fought against Midoriya both physically and mentally. The villain had to face too the influence of his teacher All For One who is able to infiltrate his psyche through the Quirk legacy. But with Gigantomachy by his side, the nephew of Nana Shimura, former owner of One For All, will be able to escape the battlefield. But is that his real purpose? Shigaraki could also use the meeting with Gigantomachia to attack Deku again, who is now exhausted from the long battle. My Hero Academia, Chapter 290, rewrote the history of Endeavor.

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