Where is the leaf village?  Let’s discover the geography of Naruto

Masashi Kishimoto's work is one of the most complex from a geographical point of view. Between wars and alliances we discover the location of the different ninja countries: from Naruto Leaf Village to that of the sands of Gaara.

The Naruto universe is divided into various hidden villages that are home to hundreds of powerful shinobi. Each of them, whose ruler bears the title of Kage, represents an independent nation that lives in a larger country ruled by a feudal lord, a daimyo. However, the geography of the franchise created by Kishimoto may be unclear to fans: Let's discover the different countries together and their location.

One of the largest and most powerful countries is the Land of Fire, ruled by the Daimyo of Fire. While it isn't one of the largest countries, it was the first to house a hidden village Ninja, Konoha. Hashirama Senju and Madara Uchiha founded the Leaf Village with the intention of uniting the different clans of the Land of Fire. Previously, the ninja were organized into small groups ready to fight for control of the territory. Following Konoha's example, the other five major ninja countries founded their own villages and thus ended the era of the Warring States. In addition to being the center of events and hosting the protagonists, the Leaf Village is also the largest ninja village. Its ruler is called Hokage.

In the southwest of the Land of Fire is the Land of Wind ruled by the Daimiyo of Wind. This area is mainly covered by a huge desert, so it is not very productive. In the vicinity of the largest oasis, the sand village was founded, whose leader is called Kazekage. In the past, the Leaf Village and Sandy Village have struggled for control of the resources, however the friendship between Naruto and Gaara ended this long war.

The Land of Water is made up of a number of islands, each with their own traditions and cultures. The water daimyo stands at the head of this fog-covered area known for its own mysterious and violent story. But under the leadership of the Fifth Mizukage, the Village of the Mist went through several reforms and is now a thriving modern city.

On a peninsula northeast of the Land of Fire is the Land of Lightning, ruled by the Daimyo of Lightning. In this area there is numerous mountain ranges and it is so named for the numerous storms that have struck it. In its center is the village of the cloud, ruled by the Raikage.

The last land is that of the earth, whose lord is the daimyo of the earth. This land consists mainly of a barren rocky area and is home to the Village of Rocks ruled by the Tsuchikage. In the past, the Ninjas of the Rock have fought numerous battles with other countries, but the end of the Fourth Great Ninja War brought one Time of peace and serenity among all five major ninja villages. What is your favorite village? In the meantime, let's enjoy this cosplay from Naruto's mother. Recently, Master Kishimoto turned 46 years old. We wish Naruto's father a happy birthday.

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