There Black Clover animated series With the arrival of episode 151, in which the Captains of the Magic Knights demonstrated their true skills, the enthusiasm of the fans rekindled. Let's find out the fandom's reaction.

Although it is just a filler or filler, the great anticipation for episode 151 of the anime was rewarded from the work of Yuki Tabata. The consequence was marked by an epic battle among all the captains of the Magic Knights who have finally shown their incredible skills.

Just like the Royal Knights Selection Tournament, the Black Clover Commanders were split into two teams, each tasked with protecting a crystal from the other faction. This configuration led to interesting magical combinations completely unpublished; In fact, this episode is exclusive to the cartoon series.

In addition to the excitement for the fight, this episode created an exciting perspective on the Future of Black Clover: The work is still in its infancy and the best is yet to come. The reaction of fans to this event was utterly amazed and in the opinion of some fans, Black Clover's clashes would be even better than those of his direct competitor Boruto. The anime doesn't seem to stop. According to some rumors, Black Clover will last for all of 2021.

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