Finally, after a wait of over a decade, even the anime adaptation of bleaching enters his explosive final story arc. The war between Soul Society's Soul Reaper and Wandenreich's Star Knight has begun.

In Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War 1x03 Kurosaki Ichigo confronts Quilge Opie, Quincy, who easily destroyed the last bastions of Hueco Mundo. Meanwhile, the Sternritters take advantage of the absence of the "special threat" and launch their assault on Soul Society.

As promised, the Wandenreich has declared war on the Soul Reaper, who must now defend their world. In the final cliffhanger of the third installment of Millennial War, the Quincys make their move using their main unit, the Star Knights. Breaking into Soul Society and wreaking havoc with pillars of flame, the antagonists hit the thirteen teams of Gotei 13. However, at the moment there seems to be no match as numerous Soul Reapers are already victims of the enemies' appearance.

In Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War 1x04, the battle continues with the Gotei 13 attempting to survive the battleStar Knight Attack. Will the Soul Reaper be able to prevent the invasion and the fall of Soul Society? Rukia and the others have to hold out at least until replacement Shinigami come back. Episode 370 of the Bleach anime will be released on November 1st, 2022.

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