The manga of My hero academia has just got out of its darkest story arc, but the consequences of what happened will drag on for a long time. Shoto Todoroki not only had to deal with the deaths of numerous comrades, but also found out about the fate of his older brother, which literally angered him.

When Pro Heroes and the Supernatural Liberation Front clashed, Dabi took advantage of the confusion to do a live national broadcast in which he revealed the truth about the character of Endeavor and on his own identity. Now the whole world knows the suffering the Todoroki family was subjected to because of the family father.

Chapter 298 of My Hero Academia emphasizes that Shoto experienced dramawho not only has not yet overcome paternal violence, but now also has to face the truth about his older brother Toya. Even though the aspiring hero vowed to defeat Dabi, the boy is still upset in his hospital bed.

Chapter pages are closed with a special visit for the son of Endeavor. Her older brothers go into her room, but a female figure hides behind them. Shoto reacts to what is shown to us, only with a shadow with great emotion. So the woman in question is expected to be his mother. On the other hand, when Dabi made her announcement, Rei Todoroki was also watching TV.

The Todoroki family looks like crowd around Shoto deal with a situation that could lead him to the dark side. The protagonists of My Hero Academia become PokΓ©mon trainers in this bizarre fan art. We know the story of a hero: spoilers and images for My Hero Academia 299.

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