My Hero Academia: Shigaraki shares a frightening similarity with All Might

The latest releases of My Hero Academia they further reinforced Shigaraki Tomura's idea of ​​apparent invincibility. In addition to having acquired the All For One, the villain is in possession of the entire baggage of Quirk who once belonged to his master, and to make matters worse Dr. Ujiko's grafts have given him superhuman strength.

Considering these premises, it was inevitable to think that the intervention of Deku and Bakugo would have been in vain, where even Endeavor had not succeeded. Fortunately, Professor Aizawa's contribution is of fundamental importance in the economy of the conflict, who thanks to his Quirk temporarily deactivates Shigaraki's powers.

This gimmick allows Deku, Bakugo and the rest of the heroes to attack, trying to take advantage of the advantage to knock out. the villain. Their efforts are once again ineffective, disposing Shigaraki of physical strength and endurance comparable to that of All Might.

In the last tables of the chapter Bakugo manages to explode a violent blow in the direction of the villain; to find out if he managed to scratch it we will have to wait for the next chapter to come out, which seems to have received a postponement from the initial date of July 12th.

At the moment, the impression is that it takes a deus ex machina to take down such an opponent. No one among the heroes in battle is able to impose himself against him, therefore the most credible hypothesis is that in the next chapters the author intervenes with a plot twist that we do not expect, or at least this is hope.

Will My Hero Academia chapter 278 be released in two weeks? Corrections to volume 27 of the My Hero Academia manga have leaked in the last few hours.

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