Has been published since 2014, i.e. for almost 10 years, My Hero Academia is one of the flagship manga by Weekly Shonen Jump and the industry at large. With millions of copies sold, Kohei Horikoshi has worked hard to reach this level after so many searing cancellations and moments when he thought he couldn't make it.

In the end, he achieved his goal by giving himself completely and publishing the chapters of his work weekly in Weekly Shonen Jump. Meanwhile, the end of My Hero Academia is near and the author will be able to rest again after completing his series. In fact, Kohei Horikoshi's health seems to have deteriorated in the last year, leading him to take a few weeks off more and more often, sometimes surprisingly.

This will be the case for the next few weeks as the first Weekly Shonen Jump leaks confirm bad news for manga readers. My Hero Academia will be on hiatus for two weeks, skipping both this week's release, which was confirmed instead, and next week's release. As the editors confirm, breaks are necessary because the health of the mangaka is not optimal.

Therefore, the manga's release jumped to both #15 and #16 in the magazine, returning to #17. It means that My Hero Academia returns on Manga Plus on March 26, 2023. A very long wait, forcing the manga to almost entirely skip the March release, not to mention that this is the second long hiatus of My Hero Academia that the mangaka has recently had to take due to health issues.

Of course, it's important that the mangaka gets back on his feet without any problems and manages to finish his story in peace.

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