On March 3, 2023, the first episode of the last part of the Final Season was released attack on Titantitled The Final Chapters Part 1 which shocked many fans of the series for the brutality and clarity with which many scenes were portrayed, which was disturbing but extremely faithful to the original.

The unprecedented violence and malice with which Eren carries out his plan to grant Paradis freedom and its inhabitants have transformed him into the true antagonist of the series, the greatest threat not only to the nation of Marley but to the entire world. Then considering his coldness, which is underlined in the last frame of the anime, in the face of the evil, death and destruction he causes, Is it really possible to justify or even forgive his actions?

It's a topic that has the community discussing a lot, both the readers of the manga who have known for some time how Isayama's work will end and the viewers who have recently been overwhelmed by this incredible sequence of events difficult to assimilate. After all, Eren has killed millions of innocent people and sentenced some of his companions to death to defend himself, like the brave Hangi Zoe, who sacrificed himself to give Armin, Mikasa, and the others precious time to go.

Although Isayama added valuable details throughout the series to fully understand Eren's mentality and true goals, The actions committed by Eren are real atrocities, which seem to disappear even in the face of the opinions of many fans who support the protagonist, understanding what happened to Thanos in Infinity War and therefore thinking that the sacrifice of many can lead to a better future for everyone. Of course it's about moral issues related to an entertainment workbut which have left the community heavily involved, especially on social media, divided between those who accuse Eren and those who defend Eren of committing infinite crimes, as you can see in the following post.

And what do you think? Tell us in the comments. Before we say goodbye, we leave you with the best moments of Attack on Titan Final Chapters 1.

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