It's getting bloodier now Battle of Egghead between the World Government, CP0, Marines, rebel Seraphim and an unknown traitor. The protagonists of ONE PIECE are currently mostly cornered by the four robots, who must first be defeated before they can do anything else.

The ONE-PIECE 1077 spoiler complete with images you can see in the gallery below, they embark on the classic mini-adventure. There's Judge Vinsmoke and Caesar Clown again, visibly grown and visibly hurt because they will have gotten into another fight, but the two are both contemplating Vegapunk and how to get rid of him while one of Judge's sons can already be seen in the background .

Sentomaru is still alive and has warned everyone to flee Egghead. Then he tells the story of Ohara and how what happened there can also be repeated on the current island, perhaps in an even more devastating and therefore worse way. It then returns to the lab where Luffy and the others fight with the two Seraphim. Shaka walks away, warning that he may know where the real Vegapunk is, leaving the other four to fight.

The attacks don't seem to have much effect on the Seraphim as Zoro notices some of their traits and King comes to mind. So he makes everyone aware of the power of the Lunarians and their weaknesses. We then move on to Nami's group, who instead faces S-Shark. Edison is badly damaged and prone while Nami attacks the enemy with Zeus. S-Shark takes the hit, but then dives into the ground and suddenly tries to attack her from behind Sanji comes from far away and saves her.

Elsewhere, Lilith throws a bubble of agalmatolite at S-Snake, which touches her and then loses power. Franky then holds the bubble over her, trapping her, but the Seraphim begins to cry and Franky softens and loses her footing. The charm of S-Snake works and Franky is petrified, the same fate that befalls Lilith and Usopp.

Shaka arrives at an old abandoned lab where devil fruit was studied and sees the prison where Vegapunk and the CP0 agents are. However, someone comes behind him who pulls out a regular pistol and shoots Shaka in the head, piercing his helmet and dropping him to the ground. vegapunk is amazed Who will be the traitor presented in ONE PIECE??

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