From the narrative arc of the kidnapping of Katsuki Bakugo, My hero academy left a huge open bracket. Headmaster Nezu hypothesized that a traitor could be hiding in the ranks of the Yuei; On the other hand, only Class 1-A students and a select few others had access to the information that led to the kidnapping.

With the arrival of Chapter 321 of My Hero Academia on MangaPlus, the Traitor theory has returned to hop between the community. Bringing this concept back into fashion is an event that was mentioned on the opening pages of the chapter. While all of the Grade 1-A students fight Midoriya and try to take him away, only three would-be heroes remain on the sidelines. Let’s talk about Kirishima, Aoyama and Hagakure.

The first of them obviously has a more than compelling reason. Most of the fight takes place in the air and Red Riot he has no way of actively participating, since his quirk allows him to only take part in hand-to-hand combat. Kirishima also becomes desperate because he has so many things to say to his friend. But what if he was bluffing and Master Horikoshi masked his betrayal?

The second culprit, perhaps the most likely, is Can’t Stop Twinking. At least Aoyama could with his navel laser beams hinder Deku’s movements. Why he doesn’t do that is a mystery. Apparently the most likely reason is that he and Hagakure take care of the villain Dictator. However, his bizarre behavior makes him the number one suspect.

Invisible Girl is last involved. Her invisibility quirk could easily allow her to do that more inaccessible areas of UA High Schoolto find vital information for the structure. We don’t know much about Hagakure; Could it be she who betrayed her comrades and was an ally of Tomura Shigaraki?

We’ll leave you to other hypotheses about My Hero Academia’s greatest secret.

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