The partnership between John Cena and My Hero Academia continues. After sharing the poster of the anime's third movie and being mentioned on the series' official Twitter profile, indeed The wrestler posted another themed picture showing Shoto Todorokiconfirming to be a fan of the Horikoshi series.

For those who missed what happened, a few weeks ago some fans joked about Deku's pose in the poster for the new My Hero Academia movie, which is very similar to the WWE star's "You can't see me" gesture. John Cena responded to the meme by sharing the movie poster on his Instagram profileand then the anime's Twitter profile welcomed and followed the wrestler on social media and received a follow-back.

Today John Cena shared a new pic of "Stone Cold Todoroki", a fun play on words between the power of the hero of My Hero Academia and the nickname of fellow "Stone Cold" wrestler Steve Austin. The post received hundreds of thousands of likes.

My Hero Academia is one of the most popular and famous anime in the world Several international stars have shown that they follow him closely. The fact that even a busy man like John Cena knows her can only please the production team, which, among other things, has almost finished work on the anime's fifth season.

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