The last chapters of My Hero Academy They generate some controversy. The community is struggling to accept the recent events that essentially threw away the saddest disappearance of the entire work.

Katsuki Bakugo falls in the battle of My Hero Academia 363. Kohei Horikoshi's most popular character is dead, but the drama of this farewell was ruined by one criticized the choice of the author.

Apparently there is a way, although Kacchan's heart has stopped bring it back to life. Edgeshot uses the Quirk: Foldabody in My Hero Academia 365 and performs surgery on Bakugo while the battle with Tomura Shigaraki erupts around them.

However, this extreme rescue attempt stands disappointment of the fandomwho sees this sequence of events as a lack of courage on the part of the mangaka who couldn't say goodbye to his great protagonist and something that makes absolutely no sense.

Best Jeanist had already unsuccessfully attempted to saturate Bakugo's internal damage, stopping the bleeding and repairing it. How can Edgeshot succeed now?delicate and complex surgical procedure like the ones kacchan needs with no experience on the matter? All of this, fans say, would have made more sense if Edgeshot had to sacrifice his own life to become a new heart for the boy. Choosing Horikoshi, on the other hand it looks like some kind of scam getting out of Bakugo's death with no real consequences for the series.

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