Despite the time Dragon Ball Z remains immortal and loved by the fans. The adventures of the grown-up Goku and the Z Warriors, born of the genius Akira Toriyama, have conquered several generations of children, made Dragon Ball Z into a legendary anime and celebrated in many different ways to this day.

From the characters, like the Cell Samurai from Dragon Ball Z produced by LuckyKay Studio, to the simplest fan art, many artists have paid tribute to the work Akira Toriyama Praise the characters with a simple design, but at the same time incredibly effective.

Artist FELLIPART shared his own via Twitter Fan art of Goku’s battle against Coolerantagonist of the film Dragon Ball Z – The Fate of saiyan. The brother of the much more famous Frieza put Goku and his companions to the test in the feature film, and in FELLIPART’s illustration we see him lunging at Goku, who is kneeling on the ground, holding an orb of solar energy in his super Saiyan form, he charges an energy ball in his hand.

Cooler is sometimes forgotten by fans as the protagonist in its organic form of a single film. in the Dragon Ball Z – The Invasion of Neo Namek the alien actually becomes some kind of metallic android, meta coolerand thus returns to cross his path with that of the Z Warriors.

We leave you to the key image of Vegeta’s first historical appearance in the Dragon Ball Z anime.

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