In anticipation of the release of the new chapter of My Hero Academia, the fandom is feeding a theory born some time ago. What if that actually Villain was born without a quirk?

Among the fans of My Hero Academy A theory has been circulating for some time that Tomura Shigarakiaka Tenko Shimura was actually born with no uniqueness of his own. Bringing this idea to life is the fact that the decay didn't develop in him until he was five, where quirks usually appear by the age of four, and that his mother never cared about his itch and him persistently attributed to a whim or whim has strange allergy.

The theory was fueled by chapter 235 of the manga series where a A mysterious man brings little Tenko home ran away from home. Hidden in the shadows and wearing only a recognizable dress and hat, this enigmatic character reappears in Dabi's backstory. The man does indeed appear to be All For One. Therefore it seems that it was All For One who gave Shigaraki the Quirk: Decay.

Given the family relationship with Nana Shimura and with All Might, All For One would have kept an eye on Shigaraki since he was a child. Just as we saw with the Todoroki family, the symbol of fear took advantage of the unique situation in House Shimura, making Tenko a very personal puppet to entrust with his will.

In this theory, Izuku Midoriya must also be considered. Deku was able to get the One For All precisely because he was born without a Quirk. What if the same reasoning applied to All For One? Probably, given the numerous uniqueness hidden in it, Only someone born without uniqueness could inherit the All For One.

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