A few years ago, when Luffy ventured into the Blue Sea, a fan asked Eiichiro Oda why the protagonist of ONE PIECE He never killed his opponents, although they would quietly get rid of them if they had the opportunity or the ability.

The answer in the question corner of Chapter 30, Volume 4 was very simple: In the world of ONE PIECE it is defeated to be defeated comparable to death. The protagonists of the work are men who live according to very strong ideals and to see them being destroyed and dominated by those of others, in this case by those of Luffy, is the most devastating blow one can receive. When they are defeated on the ground they are still alive, but their world is over.

This philosophical approach from Oda can also lead positive impact on work. Any character, good or bad, can come back as needed, avoiding trivial and not very logical actions. Second, when one of the protagonists dies, the event is really heartbreaking, like the ending of Ace. After all, Oda's idea is to bring the central theme of EINEM PIECE closer to you: power, strength, hope and dreams are more important than anything else.

And so Luffy doesn't kill, because in a world of relentless pursuit of adventure and romance, seeing your dreams destroyed is ruined the worst punishment that it can be. Defeat is synonymous with the failure of your own values ​​and those of the crew you represent.

What do you think of the matter? In the meantime, Oda has inadvertently announced in which month one of the ONE PIECE sagas takes place. Luffy and Mugiwara are kids again in a ONE PIECE promotional video.

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