After the anime was stopped for a few years and stuck in the tournament of power, the survivor will likely be some time away before you can admire an animated adaptation of the Granolah saga. But don't despair of this spectacular fan video from Dragon Ball Super will brighten the wait.

Since the Granolah saga has the potential to be the best in Dragon Ball Super, it would really be a waste never to see one. an animated adaptation. This huge bug, which has been with the franchise for too long, has been fixed by an enthusiast.

The long video clip by artist KameArtZ that you can see in the article above animates the first moments of the narrative arcfrom the end of chapter 67, that is, from the disappearance of the head of Android 73.

The video then continues with the training of Vegeta, who, under the guidance of Beerus, learns the Hakai, these are the devastating techniques of the gods of destruction, with the presentation of the Heeters and with the wish of Granolah, who wants to take revengeExtinction of his race. Those in charge, Freeza and the Saiyajins, will know his anger.

Most likely, however, the cerealian will not be the real one Antagonist of this arch Narrative. The new Dragon Ball Super saga is still wrapped in a thick blanket of fog. Here are Dragon Ball Super 72 predictions and release date.

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