ONE PIECE is a manga full of secrets and mysteries. Eiichiro Oda loves to create many small chains and bonds between the characters, which then only become apparent after a long time. And during the Wano saga, much information has been confirmed while others have remained undiscovered to this day.

Of course, with the release of ONE PIECE Volume 105 came the SBS, those special pages that the author uses to reply to manga fans or to reveal minor information that he didn't include in the main story or that he deliberately kept secret. Of course, with the tape arriving in Japanese comic stores, they are already licking first SBS of ONE PIECE 105. Many of these focus on the origins of specific characters.

One of the leaked images, visible below, tells about it History of O-Tama and his ancestors. The little girl who was picked up by Hakumai's ex-daimyo Shimotsuki Yasuie, later known as Tonoyasu, actually belongs to a very special and well-known clan. As a matter of fact O-Tama is a member of the Kurozumi Clan, the same as Orochi, and it's no coincidence that the two have the same hair color. Eiichiro Oda congratulates the fan who found this link and then explains it, certifying the matter.

In addition, the little girl is aware of this, since her parents' last name is written on the grave where she prays. Of course, as the mangaka claims, the little girl shouldn't be denied because of her origins, but she should be welcomed like everyone else. In this volume in addition to Origins of Little O-TamaThe origin of Roronoa Zoro has also been revealed.

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