To save the life of his middle school girlfriend, whom he lost track of for the rest of his life, Takemichi Hanagaki is willing to do anything, even get beaten up and risk death. Back in time, the protagonist of Tokyo Revengers he has finally overcome his fears of himself as an adult.

The third episode of Tokyo Revengers starts exactly where the previous one ended. Takemichi has to save a friend of his challenged Kiyomasa, the only person who can put him in contact with the Toyo Manji Gang, those who will be responsible for his beloved Hinata Tachibana in the future.

Despite literally coming Beaten to deathTakemichi refuses to give up and knows this will be his only chance. But when Kiyomasa seems angry, ready to kill him, two mysterious figures arrive at the place, as they pass, they all kneel down. Draken, the deputy commander of the Tokyo Manji Gang; and Manjiro Sano, the leader of the Toman, better known as Mikey.

Although at first glance it may seem the most dangerous Drake, despite its appearance, it is Mikey a Radiate charisma from all pores. By silencing Kiyomasa, the two Takemichi get dangerously close. Mikey grabs him by the neck and smiles at him in a completely unexpected way and explains that he is his new friend from today and renames him "Takemitchy". At the end of the conversation, Mikey brutally beats Kiyomasa for being guilty of organizing a competition at the betting club.

The next day, while Takemichi is at school, Draken and Mikey show up in his class and convince him to go with them. When Hinata witnesses the scene, she intervenes and is convinced that the two are responsible for her boyfriend's bruises and injuries. beats Mikey. When Draken approaches them threateningly, Takemichi stands in the way and orders them to be left alone and to beat him in his place.

With a new sudden change, the scene calms down: Mikey is just kidding, he would never hit a girl. He also tells his new friend to take care of the girl and shows great respect for Hina's courage.

As Takemichi gets to know Toman's leaders better, he realizes that they are two good guys overall. That they are responsible for Hina's future death is almost impossible. Indeed, when the protagonist asks Mikey why he likes him, the bully reveals that he reminds him of his brother who has been dead for some time. Mikey also reveals that Toman has set himself the goal of ushering in a new era of delinquents in which he can be honorable, brave, and loyal. Takemichi is officially invited to join them.

As he is walking down the street, the episode ends with Takemichi moving on to the other responsible for Hina's death, Kisaki Tetta. One act of bravery will change a lifetime in Tokyo Revengers. In the anime's first episode, life gave the Tokyo Revengers protagonist a second chance.

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