Tomura Shigaraki is one of the most dangerous characters that the protagonists of have ever confronted My hero academia. His will to overthrow society of heroes is Ferrera, but Deku and the others are also determined to stop him. Where will Midroiya go?

The villain leader has a crazy, sensitive, and dangerous personality; Your only goal is to erase forever the false ideals of the Pro Heroes. And since the All For One is finally available, his plan seems to have been realized. However, there is still Deku ahead of him.

In Chapter 285 of My Hero Academia, the two fought fiercely, but the balance seems to tip in favor of the villain. Shigaraki intends to use his quirks of decay on anyone nearby, but thanks to his new powers, Deku has blocked him in the air. However, to keep him suspended, the young hero resorts to it latest available resources.

In this story arc, Midoriya has achieved the Plus Ultra! and it goes beyond its actual limits. The one for all stands 100% He slowly knocked out his body, especially his arms, but as a hero he can't stop. The fate of his friends is in his hands; Where does he want to go to save the lives of the innocent? Deku turns out to be the worthy successor to All Mightas well as the absolute protagonist of the forces of good. Even though the scene is all Deku, even Bakugo was the protagonist of a sensational twist in chapter 285 of My Hero Academia. Additionally, the explosive boy revealed the dual nature of One For All.

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