The war bow of My hero academia ended with the victory of the heroes. However, this is an obvious triumph, as society of heroes is very close to the abyss while the supernatural liberation front is already poised to strike again.

At the end of the violent battle between the heroes and the villains, Endeavor and Hawks' reputation was shattered due to the revelations made by Dabi. The population no longer believes in those they are supposed to protect, and the numerous wounded and dead in battle have convinced some heroes to abandon their careers. The society of heroes is therefore one step away from the end.

These villains take advantage of this situation and never give their opponents a break by attacking Tartarus, a prison where some of the most dangerous criminals are held, including All For One. With Shigaraki and his master at large, the Pro Heroes must deal with chapter 298 of the My Hero Academia manga the worst crisis ever. And as expected by an insider on Twitter, the next chapter's summary is "The fight is over, but what will the heroes do now?Spoilers and pictures on My Hero Academia 298, after the end there is only suffering and terror. My Hero Academia meets Superman in this fan crossover.

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