For the past few months Kohei Horikoshi, the father of My hero academia, with a series of particularly sensational turns on the accelerator. The Sensei recently gave an interview in which he revealed some interesting details about the various characters who will be the protagonists of this final major story arc.

After talking a little about the ending of My Hero Academia, Horikoshi explained some details about the characters who will be central to the new saga. In particular, he took the opportunity to suggest readers which characters they should pay more attention to:

“”If I were to mention these characters that you weren’t expecting, then I would say so Ochako and Hawks are likely to have high hopes for readers. Shouji will do his best, maybe Shinso and Monoma will take on important roles. Sero will have an epic scene and the actions of different characters will be merged into one action. What I can tell you is to take care of each and every character.“”

Then, referring to ochako, he adds: “As for Deku’s decision to leave UA, as expected, Uraraka is … plus her he cannot escape his fate with toga. “

With regard to this last point, Horikoshi seems to have something in store for Ochako that we are likely to discover in the next few chapters. And you, what do you think of his words instead? Let us know with a comment below.

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