The new saga of Dragon Ball Super introduced a new character whose past matches the story of Vegeta, Goku and their race perfectly. In fact, it was the Saiyans during Freeza's reign who brutally exterminated the Cereleans and reduced the entire planet to rubble.

Given recent events, the clues show the possibility that Granolah will become the manga's new antagonist. The desire that made him the most powerful warrior in the universe seems to leave no room for other options, as the character's life has also been drastically reduced due to his powers.

Still, it seems very unlikely that an individual like him, portrayed only as a victim of a terrible past, can really be reduced to a simple villain. Granolah appears as a good character, gifted with reasoning and with a simple one Conversation with Goku and Vegeta it could be something he has found difficult to accept over the years. Behind him the criminal organization Heeter He's up to something big that could really turn Granolah into a mere criminal.

The only thing that always seems more certain is that the cerelean will play an important role, be it for Goku or Vegeta, not so much as an adversary, but for the past that inevitably connects them. Who do you think is the real antagonist of this saga, Granolah or anyone else? Let us know your impression with a comment below.

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