My Hero Academia: Here are the limited ARTFXJ figures from Deku and Bakugo

If you still don't know what to ask for in Santa's letter, maybe this could be a solution! Japanese company Kotobukiya has released two new limited edition ARTFXJ figures depicting the two heroes of My hero academia: Midoriya Izuku and Katsuki Bakugo.

The famous company Kotobukiyahas always created high-end figurines of famous Japanese pop culture characters called "ARTFX J". The Japanese company recently released its latest masterpiece: two characters that act as protagonists Deku is Bakugo, limited edition, ready for battle.

The bright colors, the very high attention to detail, both heroes in their costumes, with the determined look of those who are determined to restore peace to the city. The two characters lean on a stone pedestal and it looks like they're on the battlefield ready to fight them Paranormal Liberation Front! These two masterpieces can be yours for 115.90 euros each!

We have seen many extraordinary characters born from the hands of Kotobukiya, like the characters of Levi and Mikasa Ackerman from The Attack of the Giants, or who stayed on the subject My hero academia the magnificent figure of Himiko Toga. One thing is for sure, for a Japanese animation enthusiast, these characters are really good things to add to their collection!

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