Hiro Mashima's works always attract a lot of audiences. In fact, the mangaka stories are now quite tested and no matter if new ones are started, they will always be good. It is the case of EDENS ZERO, manga published in Weekly Shonen Magazine for some years.

With several volumes now underway all with good sales, EDENS ZERO is getting closer to receiving an anime. In fact, it will be a matter of time before seeing the adventures of Shiki and Rebecca in space, in the hope that the project will prove to be a winner in the world of animation as it was for Fairy Tail.

This moment may have come according to a rumor from YonkouProductions. The well-known insider has stated that the production of an anime on EDENS ZERO is already active. It would not be new since various special projects have been announced for EDENS ZERO, but not publicly disclosed.

The project could prove to be another gold mine for Kodansha given that Hiro Mashima has planned about 45 volumes for EDENS ZERO, therefore slightly less than those of Fairy Tail. Pending further information and official announcements from Kodansha, we invite you to take this rumor with pliers. And speaking of the wizarding guild, voice actors are also hoping for an anime for Fairy Tail 100 Years Quest.

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