Although Valentine's Day is now over, any occasion is perfect to celebrate love, especially the one between our favorite heroes. In this romantic collector's statue of Dragon Ball Z, Goku and Chichi dress in white and get married.

The Marriage between Goku and Chi-Chi, which took place in chapter 171 of the manga by Master Akira Toriyama, is one of the most poetic and disrespectful in all of Shonen history. In fact, Goku got married because of a naive promise he made as a child: It's a shame the little Saiyan didn't know the meaning of marriage at all.

To celebrate the most romantic day in Goku and Chichi's life, UMY Studio created a collectible figurine designed for the cutest. After the fateful yes, the statue sees the two protagonists, both in sophisticated white wedding dresses. exchange a cute look how they plow through a land full of beautiful flowers. In the Saiyan's hands, it is possible to notice a bouquet of roses ready to be given to the new bride. This wonderful collector's item on a scale of 1: 6 can be pre-ordered at a price of 300 euros.

Almost born as a joke is the relationship between Goku and Chichi The climax was the birth of Gohan and Gotenwhich further strengthened the wonderful bond between the two. For the most romantic, here is the best Dragon Ball love story. Here's # 18 in the faithful cosplay of Dragon Ball Z from Enji Night.

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